K.O.H. Design, Inc.
K.O.H. Presentation Systems offer state-of-the-art in engineering designs geared for corporate
and industrial training facilities and teaching environments.

In controlled tests K.O.H. Systems have improved audience retention rates up to 600%

For help with design solutions, call (203) 336-1334 or fax us at (203) 335-9361
FLEXIBILITY - any position or configuration is possible.
PORTABILITY - light-weight components can be moved between rooms.
PAPER GRIPPER - built into bottom of the rail for firm paper display.
SPACE SAVER - system design frees expensive floor spaces for other uses.
KEYSTONE PROJECTION -  screens can be tilted to eliminate distorted images
when OH projectors or LCD projectors are used.
K.O.H. Presentation Systems
The most flexible & effective solutions for conference rooms,
teaching environments & training facilities.

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These light-weight components can be conveniently lifted off the rails and moved
between rooms creating a very flexible environment.
K.O.H. Presentation Systems(a.k.a. Pendax Rail system) provide a wide       
range of innovative products that are suspended from wall-mounted rails
for optimum viewing configurations.