smartboard beside whiteboard

KOH Railsystems allows you the ability to easily switch from one board to the other.

smartboard beside empty brackets

This is the K.O.H. smart bracket frame placed on the rail together with both SMARTBoard™ & whiteboard.

smartboard lowered to show height.

K.O.H. Railsystems allows you to slide the smartboard over existing whiteboard /blackboards.

smartboard beside the whiteboard

K.O.H. brackets allow for 8 different height settings so you can mount the SMARTBoard™ at a suitable height to meet the students needs.

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top view of rubber stoppers on rail

Control the sliding range of the board by inserting K.O.H. stoppers into the rail.

complete smartboard bracket hardware

Unique hardware components which enhance the systems functionality.

view of the brackets for sliding

The K.O.H. connector glide secure the bracket on the rail and make it difficult to dislodge while still providing a smooth glide.

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rubbers restrict sliding movement

K.O.H. rubber stoppers inserted into the rail.

side view of smartboard position in front of the whiteboard

Smartboard positioned infront of whiteboard.

side view of the smartboard positioned away

Smartboard mounted on a bracket.

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