KOH Railsystems offers 3 standard sliding ranges for the Smartboard in 10 ft., 15 ft. and 20 ft. lengths. We also offer a fixed (non-sliding) option.

image of the smartboard non-sliding

Supplemental Products

the pmp accessory for the smartboard rail

You'll need either of these products in addition to the K.O.H. Railsystems for the following room settings:

close up image of the pmp

PMP ( or PROJECT MOUNT PLATE ) - If your projector is to be mounted on the wall (short throw & ultra short throw) above the Smartboard, you might need our PMP. The hole pattern fits most of the projectors. We can customize these settings for your needs.

close up image of the pmp

EXTENDER - If your whiteboard's pentray protrudes extensively.

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